Monday, March 7, 2016

Haiti Day One: The Arrival

At 8:00 this morning, we began our eleven hour journey to Port-au-Prince. We began with goodbyes,

prayer, and Ross' run-in with the TSA. Fortunately, after a brief backroom interrogation, we were on

our way to Atlanta where we had a two-hour layover, long enough to get lunch and get psyched up

for the final leg of our journey.

Upon arriving in Haiti, we paid the $10 admission fee into the country and quickly made our way

through customs, got our bags, and boarded the famous Tap-tap (an open air truck not for the faint of

heart). It was quite the experience to say the least! We saw cars passing left and right, dogs roaming

the street, and locals watching us as we passed by.

Upon arriving at the enormous purple doors leading to the guest house, we were greeted by several

guard dogs. The hospitality of the staff, along with the employees at Healing

Haiti, has made us feel more at home than we could have ever expected. Shortly after getting settled

in, we had a delicious dinner, had some free time, and settled in for the night.

Tomorrow, we will be going to Grace Village where we will be visiting four elders and bringing

them meals as well as seeing the mass grave site from the 2010 earthquake. Continue to pray for us

as we begin our time of serving the Haitian people.

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