Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stuck in Miami

When I woke up at 3:00 AM on Monday morning to take my second trip to Haiti, I never thought I'd be trapped in Miami. While in the Miami airport waiting for our flight to Haiti, we received the news that an airplane's engine caught on fire and then it ran off the runway. They told us our flight was canceled. I was devastated. I had been planning this trip for months!!! The airlines had let us fly to Miami, knowing the Haitian airport was closed. After a long talk with the airport, they gave us vouchers for a nearby hotel. I was then told I may not be going to Haiti this week, and if I was able to get to Haiti, it wouldn't be until Thursday or Friday. That night while in a hotel in Florida, I went into the bathroom, closed the door and prayed on my knees for a few minutes asking God to get us to Haiti the next day. After I came out of the bathroom, I crawled into bed. Laying next to my mom, I said, "We are going to Haiti tomorrow." The next morning, I went downstairs to the lobby to see if any flights were leaving for Port-au-Prince. There was a flight at 3:00 PM!! We assumed it was full, but we called anyways. There were 7 seats empty. Our team was 12, but we thought we could divide our group in two. We had to decide who was going on Tuesday and who was going on Thursday ... that's tough for everybody. We decided who had the best talents for the faith and education team in this situation. We finally came up with 7 names. We called and gave the information to book the seats. Then the lady on the phone said they had more seats available ... so we kept giving information. We got everybody on!!!! Our whole team of 12 managed to get on a flight only one day late of Monday! I realized that sometimes I think God isn't listening, but he always is.                      
                                  By: Megan Pechman -- 13 years young