Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Haiti Day 2

This was the second day of the trip.  Our travel day yesterday was long and somewhat tiring, yet we all woke up this morning refreshed and ready to go. We enjoyed "eggs in a hole," toast with egg in the center. After eating, we prepared for the day and left for Grace Village. Our tap-tap was not the one we were accustomed to. It was blue and had actual seats inside! The trip was about 45 minutes long to Grace Village. At the village, we met Kiki, an American from Tennessee who works at Grace Village. She gave us a tour, and explained to us all the cool things that Grace Village had to offer.
After this, we enjoyed a delicious snack (packed by the authors of this post themselves), and then we visited the bakery that was adjacent to Grace Village. The purpose of the bakery was to provide jobs for locals so that they could make a decent living. After this, we picked up a few meals and delivered them to the elders that Healing Haiti helps. We met Viergelie first, and we gave her food, washed her feet, and prayed for her. Next we visited Jude Jean Paul, a 22 year old man who was suffering from epilepsy. Finally, we met Marie, a 105 year old woman. This elder visit was perhaps the most moving. Marie took every word we said and everything we did as a blessing to her from God. We sang with her and prayed with her, then left for the mass grave for the earthquake victims. We arrived, and Brunet, our driver, told us of how he survived the earthquake and the terrible things he saw. This was very emotional and moving to us all. Never in our lives had we heard of such tragedy first-hand. We finished up, then went to the tap-tap, and headed home (the nice seats in the tap-tap allowed some of us to catch some sleep). When we got home, we got changed and went swimming. At the pool, we enjoyed water gun fights and coca-cola. We went home and ate dinner, which was delicious tacos. After dinner, we played soccer with some of the local boys, who are extremely experienced. We went back home, and enjoyed some free time. We did the word of the day, where everyone sits in a circle and we shared one word each that we thought described the day. After this, we went back to our free time. We are going to Cite-Soleil tomorrow on a few water truck stops. We are preparing our hearts for this, but in general, we are still very excited. We hope that you will continue to keep us in your prayers, and that we would, in all things, honor God by helping the Haitians.

-Isaac, Iain


  1. Thank You!!!

    Doing God's work is not always easy however, it's always rewarding.

  2. So proud of you all. Praying for Gods guidance and strength.

  3. I am loving reading posts written by the students, you guys are getting an experience of a lifetime! Thank you for making this effort, for sharing, it means the world to those of us here!