Saturday, March 12, 2016

Day 6 - Water Truck: Episode II

After another great breakfast of french toast, eggs, oatmeal, and fruit, we headed out for our second water truck day. The experience of another water truck day was great, but it was much more different from the first one. Since today is Saturday, adults weren't at work and children weren't at school, making the streets much more crowded than on Wednesday. It was a lot more stressful and chaotic than the first day.

The first stop started with chaos and ended in chaos. As soon as we stepped off the truck we were mobbed by children, each one wanting to be held and loved. Again, we didn't have enough arms to hold them all. Despite that, the kids still loved being held, playing ring around the rosy, and shouting at Tony, calling him "Jackie Chan". Tony was a true celebrity. Kids swarmed us like waves of the Caribbean sea. While we enjoyed them it was very overwhelming. 

Although playing with the kids, giving love, and receiving love was great, our main duty of the day was to deliver water to the community. The line was a lot longer. At the same time, the order was a lot harder to keep. While most people waited in line for their turns, many tried to cut in from the front. This scene is a revelation of the country's problems. The improvement of the country is taking longer than expected due to the lack of resources and infrastructure. 

We finished with the water truck earlier than expected because one of our team members wasn't feeling that well. When we came back we had a snack and enjoyed some free time before heading to the pool for the last time. After we enjoyed the pool, we came back home to see a great meal had been made for us. We sat down and enjoyed a delicious meal of spaghetti and meat sauce. This concluded our second to last day in Haiti.

                             Kayleigh Abell, Antoine (Tony) Guo (Jackie Chan), and Isaac Johnson 

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  1. Sounds like an interesting day. Praying the sick team member is feeling better. Have a wonderful day tomorrow and we'll see you all on Monday.